Browsing the gallery : Click the small pics to the right to display the full pictures in this window. There is two galleries, one of D&D drawings and one of Cartoon-like illustrations. Just click on the buttons at the top of the frame to the right to change of gallery.

Borrowing my art for your own use: Maybe you would like to use my drawings? In such case the best is to contact me. Nonetheless, here is basically my conditions of use:

Non-Commercial Use: If you want to use some of my pictures on your personal website, rpg netbook, or for any other non-commercial purposes, feel free to do it. However, no more than five pictures. You may crop the images to suit your needs, but please mention my name and indicate my gallery's URL somewhere.
There is one thing however, that I don't want. Please DO NOT display my images on your website in just adding a link to my gallery (i.e.: "file leeching"). Internet is so huge with so many people, that it quickly generates so much traffic to overload the provider who is then obliged to shut down my website. I don't want my website shut down because of others´ careless doings ! Thanks.

Commercial Use: I work as a free-lance illustrator and graphic designer. Just get a look at my professional website if need be, and then contact me. I live and work in Paris, but could work through the Internet. However, this requires some procedures. After the first contacts, I need a Purchase Order to begin the job (scanned and sent by email). Once my work is finished, I send it by email in low resolution and bad JPEG definition. Once I am paid (using Paypal or other appropriate system), I send a JPEG file in high resolution and good definition. I may also send a CD with the pictures by snail mail if you ask for it (at an additional cost). Thanks.

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