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On this page you will find a selection of quality material for Dungeons & Dragons 3e / d20 system. Most of these netbooks and freebies have been done by amateurs and fans (including several by me!), and all were intended to be freely distributed through download. So here you go: homebrew campaign settings, core and prestige classes, spells and magic, creatures, character sheets, houserules, etc.

Note that all of these downloads are zipped PDF files. Also note that at times, due to bandwith constraints and too many people downloading during the same day, you may find yourself unable to download some files. If so, just come back at a later time.

Celtic Druids & the Tuatha De Dannan (1.60 mb): This netbook (by myself) describes the Celtic druidism and Celtic gods for a d20 campaign setting. Useful to flesh out your druidic faiths even if you don´t have Celts in your campaign world.

Diadamon Pantheon (1.35 mb): This excellent netbook by Robert J. Hall describes an extensive pantheon of gods, and include deities descriptions, priesthood duties, religious calendars, etc. If you still haven´t designed your campaign´s religions, don´t miss it!


Liber Mysterium: the Netbook of Witches (9.1 mb): Originally a netbook from the now defunct FanCC. No heroic fantasy setting would be complete without warlocks and witches. This supplement provides the most extensive material on witches, but also rectifies the prejudices they suffered over the ages.

Netbook of Magical Treasures (568 ko): The items in this netbook are strictly by the rules. It tries to avoid special or item-specific rules as much as possible, so that each item can be inserted into your setting seamlessly.

Netbook of Spells (280 ko): Originally a netbook from the now defunct FanCC. There are only a few spells, but they are well thought out.

Book of Shadows (264 ko): A collection of original spells related to the plane of Shadows.

Necromancy Spells Conversion (80.4 ko): A conversion of old AD&D 2e spells (mostly from the Complete Book of Necromancers) converted to 3e.

Netbook of Classes vol.1 (3.17 mb): Originally a netbook from the now defunct FanCC, it contains 38 core and prestige classes for D&D 3.0 (easily convertible to 3.5). With nice layout and illustrations.

Netbook of Classes vol.2 (1.04 mb): The second volume of the netbook of classes contains 40 core and prestige classes (for 3.0, but easily convertible to 3.5).

The Knight Defender (731 ko): A core class and paladin variant as a knight hospitaller type. Nice layout and illustration; comes with several stat-blocks to directly use the class in your campaign setting as NPCs.

The Buccaneer (360 ko): A core class and pirate/outlaw type of tough brute; with nice layout and illustration.

The Gladiator (307 ko): A core class of fighter type; with nice layout and illustration.

The Clod (630 ko): A funny core class of stupid moron; with nice layout and illustration. This class has had the most success of all my custom classes, and has been used in actual play (that I know of) more than once.

The Crying Freeman (311 ko): A variant assassin prestige class directly based on the Crying Freeman movie. There are two versions of it: a prestige class for D&D 3e, and an advanced class for d20 Modern.

The Wildmage (250 ko): This prestige class for D&D 3e was meant to be conversion of the wild mage that appeared in the AD&D 2e Tome of Magic. It comes with a wild surge table and converted spells.

Netbook of Races (912 ko): Originally a netbook from the now defunct FanCC, it presents six new character races for the d20 system.

Book of Beasts vol.4 (2.01 mb): Another excellent netbook by Robert J. Hall, this is a compendium of d20/D&D 3.5 creatures, that includes a section on sci-fi monsters. Don´t miss this one, it is as good as many commercial supplements on the same subject, but totally free (and OGC)!

Goblin Stat Blocks (34.8 ko): A small and m odest, yet very useful supplement detailing goblinoids (goblins, hobgoblins, bugbears) stat-blocks.


Netbook of Time (1.04 mb): Originally a netbook from the now defunct FanCC, it is a compilation of ideas on how incorporating chronomancy into your campaign. The Netbook of Time gives you classes and spells related to time travel, plus everything to deal with the problems GMs may face with time paradoxes and other aspects of chronomancy.

Netbook of Feats (1.75 mb): Originally a netbook from the now defunct FanCC, it is one of the largest collection of OGC feats available online. Each feat has been rated and edited for quality and balance.

Netbook of Books (1.35 mb): This netbook (by myself) gives you 140 descriptions of various books and tomes to fill the shelves of any library found in your campaign setting. (Old version updated in 2005.)

Netbook of Traps (557 ko): Originally a netbook from the now defunct FanCC, it is a compilations of traps with stats for the d20 system.

Netbook of Chocolate (608 ko): A funny (but well made!) d20 supplement that deals with the many aspects of introducing chocolate in a d20 fantasy setting.

Arabian Adventures 3e (1.16 mb): A very nice conversion of Al´Qadim to d20, fully written and illustrated. There is other Al´Qadim conversions on the Internet, but this one is the most beautiful.

100 Fantasy City Locations (948 ko): A collective work from the ENworld community, it describes 100 mundane buildings to fill the cities of your campaign world. When the PCs suddenly decide to enter a non descript building for which nothing is said in your adventure, just roll a d100 and pick a description from that netbook.

100 Demi Planes (179 ko): Another excellent netbook by Robert J. Hall, describing (succinctly) 100 weird demi-planes for your planar travelers.

Amethyst Campaign Setting
Maps (1.37 mb) | Part 1 (1.38 mb) | Part 2 (1.48 mb) |
Part 3 (1.69 mb) | Part 4 (1.77 mb) | Part 5 (3.56 mb)
This amazing campaign setting mixes sci-fi (d20 Modern & Future) with fantasy (D&D 3e) in a very original way. It´s so excellent that you should get a look at it!


Different d20 Character Sheet  (870 ko): This d20 character sheet (by myself) includes fields for action points, reputation, wealth bonus, etc., and has a layout very different from most other character sheets.

Character Portraits Illustrations  (1.76 mb): Several drawings (by myself) of fantasy character portraits, ready to print and use with the above character sheet.

D&D 3.5 Character Sheet (basic)  (77 ko): This is the basic WotC D&D character sheet for 3.5.

D&D 3.5 Character Sheet ("1st ed. feel")  (176 ko): This is the character sheet by Necromancer Games, that has a supposedly "D&D 1st ed. feel".

D&D 3.0 Character Sheet  (176 ko): Another character sheet, for the 3.0 edition of D&D.

Epic Level Progression  (55 ko): A simple page with a table that lists the XP, feats, ability increases, etc. of epic levels (from 1st to 40th level).

d20 Water Rules  (148 ko): A compilation of official rules about underwater combat, spellcasting, etc.

d20 Gunpowder and Firearms  (12 ko): A set of rules for adding muskets, pistols, rifles, etc., in D&D 3e.

Mineral Alchemy  (1.37 mb): A netbook describing various alchemical products based off gems, stones, etc.

Alchemy Item  (122 ko): A small netbook describing various alchemical products.

This publisher has a great Download Section that I felt you should not miss. It includes several adventures and the most excellent Ink & Quill (a supplement on books and scribes in a typical D&D fantasy setting) and Norse Gods (description of the Norse gods and their priests, prestige classes and new spells, etc. in d20). These are free netbooks of their own (and fully illustrated), not previews of commercial supplements!

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