D20 / D&D 3e Links Page

The purpose of this page is to provide links and URLs to a few websites dedicated to the d20 system / Dungeons & Dragons 3e rpg. These sites were chosen either because of their original or extensive content, or because they are nice to look at.

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d20/3e CAMPAIGN SETTING: For me this is simply the best homebrew ever! Amethyst has an original way for mixing d20 Modern with D&D 3e. If I was not creating my own setting, I would use this one. The website is (graphically) rather poor, but go there to download the different PDFs (two more than on my download webpage).

d20/3e CAMPAIGN SETTING: Here is another excellent D&D campaign setting, fully detailed. «Farland is primarily a free resource for people's pen and paper RPG games, although there is now an online game. Click here for details. On this site, you'll find information about this unique setting, as well as other roleplaying related miscellanea such as adventures, riddles, prestige classes, feats and skills, NPCs, links, and much more.»

d20/3e CAMPAIGN SETTING: If you ever dreamed to play in the world of Robert E. Howard's hero: Conan, don't miss this site! Even if Conan doesn't appeal to you, this website is definitely worth the visit: Excellent and extensive content with nice graphics.

GENERALIST: The biggest Internet community dedicated to the d20 System. I hang out there almost everyday. Donít miss the place if you donít already know it!

GENERALIST: A website dedicated to compiling any amateur work related to d20, generally new classes, races, creatures, etc. A huge amount of material is available for free, although only a portion of it is really usable and of quality.

ONLINE STORE: RPGnow sells various rpg supplements online in PDFs. Most of them are d20 / 3e material, but you also find other RPGs, and most AD&D 2e products of old that have been turned to PDF and are sold 5 dollars each. Otherwise, RPGnow products can range from 3 to 250 pages, at prices from 1 to 15 dollars, but usually average at 5-7 dollars. In any case, RPGnow also has a free stuff section that you should not miss.

d20 AUTHOR: Michael Tresca is a prolific author for d20 Modern, who has written Blood & Brains and Blood & Spooks among other things (available at RPGnow). In any case, he has made several of his works available for free on hiw website. This includes d20 Modern supplements for playing: Alien, Evil Dead, Matrix, Predator, Terminator, and The Thing.

PUBLISHER: This d20 sci-fi game with a pulpy feel may not be the best out there, however it has the great advantage of being totally compatible with D&D 3e. As such, if you would like to try a sci-fi game with the d20 system, but don't want to invest in a score of books and still want to play D&D you should get a look at it.

d20/3e CAMPAIGN SETTING: This official website provides several free material to play in the Dark Sun world with the 3rd edition. This includes a conversion of Dark Sun races and classes to 3e, plus a nice supplement on undead of Athas.

GENERALIST: A website entirely dedicated to Dragonlance 3e, it proposes news, message boards, product list, gaming books reviews, author interviews, articles & editorials, wallpapers, and a lot of fandom (fan D&D rules and utilities, fan art, fan music & songs, and fan recipes). This is the place to go if you love Dragonlance.

d20/3e CAMPAIGN SETTING: This setting, inspired by ancient Ireland, is for those who would like to play a Celtic campaign. You can browse it online, but there is also a nice PDF netbook of the setting available for free.

d20/3e CAMPAIGN SETTING: Another extremely well done fantasy setting, this one inspired from Tolkien. Despite what says the banner, it is not entirely free, as some campaign material is proposed for sale.

RPG CAMPAIGN SETTING: The World of Khoras is a richly detailed campaign setting available for free on the Internet. In particular, you shouldn't miss the beautiful map of this world. It was not specifically designed for the d20 system though, but is "rule-free", thus may be adapted to any game system.

d20/3e CAMPAIGN SETTING: This is one of the best looking d20 campaign setting on the Internet. It has extensive content, despite most of it concerns houserules, while the world itself is succinctly detailed. In any case you should pay a visit to this website, which is probably the most beautiful I ever saw about d20 amateur stuff

PUBLISHER: This is the commercial website of the renown game-designer Monte Cook. For those few gamers out there, who don't already visited this site: it mainly sells the commercial d20 products of Monte Cook online. Nonetheless, it also proposes a few freebies, and Monte's campaign setting "Ptolus" is worth the look.

SPECIAL FUN: Unfortunately for most of you, this website is for French speaking gamers only. It proposes the hilarious audio serials of a typical adventuring party. There are more than a dozen episodes in MPG3, plus a few songs, that you may download for free.

GENERALIST: Maybe the biggest Dungeons and Dragons website on the Internet, with its 3000 pages! Everything from numerous downloads, to online interactive storytelling, plus forums and everything you may want. Nice looking site, but requires much patience if you don't have a really fast Internet connection.

GENERALIST: Contains much less material than Planet ADnD, but is much faster to upload! Despite what its name may suggest, it also has a good deal of material for d20/3e; some of it is exclusive to this website.

GAME MASTERING: Role-Playing-Tips was before all a weekly free newsletter, that gave useful game-mastering advice to more than 10 000 people all over the world. Now, you can go there and pick up advice online, as well as order their CD. The website itself looks rather bland, but its content shouldn't be missed!

d20/3e CAMPAIGN SETTING: A nice campaign world, with nice graphics, a nice map, etc. We will just regret that this setting is for sale, and moreover seems to have been abandoned unfinished. Nonetheless worth the visit (note that the former 2nd edition version has much more content than the d20 version, and is available for free).

d20/3e CAMPAIGN SETTING: Legolas' site was a well known one. It contains his World of Llanowar, that is somewhat inspired from David Eddings´ novels: the Elenium . But there is also a great repository of medieval, gothic, and other fantasy-looking fonts, with some of them you probably never saw before. Lastly, it has a great store of maps, including many of medieval cities.

d20/3e CAMPAIGN SETTING: For those already familiar with most of the sites above, here is a less known rpg setting, nonetheless well detailed. It is mainly for the 2nd edition, but nonetheless has an adaptation for the 3e rules.

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